Organic cashews have a become a necessity for the health conscious consumer. DID YOU KNOW Glyphosate, Atrazine, Paraquat , Glufosinate ammonium, S-metolachlor, AcĂ©tamipride, Imidaclopride, Cypermethrine, Azoxystrobin… are some of the most common chemicals used in conventional cashew production, not to mention bleach. Do you want these on you plate, in your tummy or in the environment? Kapi Kapi sources organic cashews that grow wild in Oscar’s farm and several nearby fields in Orotina. With hundreds of trees growing wild next to rivers there is no need for chemicals to produce abundant fruit most of the year. Cashews are harvested once a year between February, march April and June and are collected from the ground and separated from the fruit. The second step is to sun dry them and then roast in an oven. After being roasted they are cracked open one by one obtaining the delicious product we consume. They taste SO AMAZING! Support the best quality organic food and the livelihoods of local Costa Rican families!